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What are the connection methods for steel structure?

In the construction process of steel structure, various different connection methods can be used. Its connection method can be selected according to the specific construction situation. There are three methods: welding, ordinary bolt connection, and high-strength bolt connection. , Different connection methods have different characteristics. we will brings you the connection method of the steel structure and its later maintenance machine to give you a detailed introduction.


Steel structure connection method:

1, welding

Advantages: strong adaptability to geometric shapes; simple structure; automatic operation can be realized without weakening the cross section; good airtight connection and high structural rigidity;

Disadvantages: high requirements for materials; in the heat-affected zone, it is easy to cause local material changes; welding residual stress and deformation reduce the bearing capacity of the compression member; the welding structure is very sensitive to cracks. The problem of low temperature and cold brittleness is more prominent.

2, ordinary bolt connection

Advantages: convenient loading and unloading, simple equipment;

Disadvantages: When the bolt accuracy is low, it is not suitable to cut; when the bolt accuracy is high, the processing and installation are complicated and the price is high.

3, high-strength bolt connection

Advantages: The friction type has small shear deformation and good elastic performance, which is especially suitable for subsequent load structures. The pressure type has a higher bearing capacity than the friction type, and the connection is tight;

Disadvantages: The friction surface treatment and installation process is slightly complicated, and the cost is slightly higher; the pressure-bearing connector has a large shear deformation and should not be used for structures that bear dynamic loads.

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