In the past 16 years, Hebei sanjuyuan Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. has been committed to producing high-quality steel structure building kits, prefabricated houses, chicken houses and container houses for customers from all around the world.

This process includes steel structure prefabrication production, on-site installation, safe use and maintenance. From the gymnasium to the convenience store, from the industrial factory workshop to the breeding farm, from the aircraft hangar to the automobile shed. With our professional knowledge and rich construction experience, we have safely built steel structure buildings and delivered the clients of more than 1 million square meters. Our customers have shown great laud and affirmation for the work we have done for them.

We are located in Hebei Province, the steel output ranked first in china, we have the steel material price advantage.

We have a professional design team to customize the construction design for you for free to meet various needs. Our buildings have been tested strictly for earthquake resistance, wind resistance and snow resistance to ensure that your buildings are safe and sound

We also have a professional installation team to provide the installation service for you.

With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous development of steel structure building demand, we will provide you with more green and more intelligent buildings, and continuously reduce the life cycle cost of buildings.

Welcome friends all over the world to visit us!

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