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Steel structure building cooling methods

Choosing a suitable method to cool the steel structure building is a comprehensive problem. To solve it, we need to prescribe the right medicine. First, we must find the key factors that affect the temperature of the steel structure building, focus on its treatment, and deal with other relatively minor factors in a targeted manner. to achieve a good indoor environment and the highest cost performance.


We should consider the following issues:

1. What is the thermal insulation performance of the steel structure building?

2. Does the steel structure building have a cooling system?

3. How about the ventilation performance of the steel structure building?

Because some machines in the steel structure workshop produce heat and water vapor, if these heat and water vapor are not discharged in time, they will accumulate in the workshop, which will increase the temperature and affect the environment . The solution to these problems is to ensure reasonable ventilation of the plant and install an appropriate amount of ventilation system. Reasonable installation of the exhaust system will significantly improve the air environment of the steel structure workshop and greatly reduce the temperature of the steel structure workshop.


There are three options for the commonly used methods

Install roof ventilation fan

Power fan is a kind of ventilation equipment driven by electricity. Its exhaust effect is good, and it can adapt to the ventilation of any environment.

Unpowered fan is a kind of ventilation equipment that relies on the principle of air convection to ventilate. When the indoor and outdoor air environment is different, it will generate air flow to remove indoor exhaust gas and heat. The advantage is that it does not require additional electricity and is more environmentally friendly. However, it is highly dependent on the environment and cannot be forced to exhaust.

Design cooling system

Install the air cooler on the roof of the factory. The air cooler is a machine that uses the principle of water cooling to cool the air, and the forced exhaust fan delivers the cold air to the room. It can keep the indoor temperature of the steel structure workshop at a comfortable temperature of 26-30℃. Its power consumption is equivalent to 1/8 of the air conditioner. The cost is 1/2 of the air conditioner, which is a good way to cool down.

Steel structure workshop insulation

The insulation of the steel structure workshop can isolate most of the solar radiation and conduct heat, reducing the greenhouse effect. Thereby greatly reducing the temperature of the workshop and improving the environment .

There are two options for the commonly used methods:

1.Cover the roof with thermal insulation . Generally, the thermal insulation material used on the roof is glass wool. The usual thickness is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and the density is 64kg/m3.

After installation can generally reduce the indoor temperature by 5-8℃. The construction process is a little complicated. If the old factory building is to be thermally insulated, it is necessary to remove the original roof, install the steel wire mesh, put glass wool on the steel wire mesh, and cover the original roof panel. then do water repellent treatment .

2. Spray high-efficiency heat insulation reflective paint on the roof panel. This way has excellent thermal insulation performance and can be coated on various surfaces such as metal, concrete, gray wall, wooden structure surface, asbestos tile, plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic, rubber and so on. The coating is 0.25mm thick, and its effect is equivalent to that of 250px-375px glass wool. It can reflect 99.5% infrared and 92.5% visible light, with a maximum sound insulation effect of 68% and an average sound insulation effect of more than 50%. Fireproof Class A, completely non-combustible. Non-toxic, safe, long-lasting and durable, with a service life of more than 15 years. If this method is used, the construction is convenient, the original roof is not damaged, and the aging of the roof can be prevented. After construction and before construction, the maximum temperature difference between the panel surface can reach 20℃, the indoor temperature difference can reach 8-10℃, and the energy consumption of steel structure workshop can be drastically reduced by 30-70%.

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