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Steel structure building fire hazards and fire protection methods

Nowadays,More and more large-scale building warehouses, factory, exhibition halls, hangar buildings and industrial workshop plants are increasing, and the buildings using steel structures is also increasing. The fire prevention problem of steel structure plants cannot be avoided.


Architectural characteristics of modern steel structure buillding:

(1) Pre-engineering degree is high, construction cost reduced, and  construction period shortened.

(2) The design and function integration of buildings and structures make buildings more functional.

(3) The steel structure building can meet the requirements of ultra-height and ultra-span.

(4) Raw materials can be recycled, which contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Fire hazard of steel structure building:

(1) Poor fire resistance.

(2) Large span, large space and rapid fire spread.

(3) The overall connection is strong, and it is easy to deform and collapse.

Fire protection method of steel structure building:

(1) Fireproof coatings for steel structure building.

(2) Method of pouring concrete and masonry bricks.

(3) Water filling method.

(4) Lightweight fireproof thick plate coating method.

(5) Compound Protection Law.

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