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Airplane Hangar Buildings

 Sanjuyuan Steel understands the importance of protecting your investment as an owner of an aircraft.

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 Sanjuyuan Steel understands the importance of protecting your investment as an owner of an aircraft.

Avoiding damage by Mother Nature and simple depreciation from exposure are key.

Sanjuyuan Steel works with clients in many countries on designing and producing the ideal steel structure aircraft hangar for your application.

We produce the strongest metal and steel buildings available, and have never experienced any aircraft damage due to steel building failure.


Protecting your aircraft from damage brought about by the elements starts with providing the right steel aircraft hangar building. Prefab airplane hangar provides the protection that your aircraft needs. But rather than a custom hangar that cost a lot of money, one of the options aircraft owners have is the prefab airplane hangar. This type of hangar makes use of prefabricated materials.

The most common material used for prefabricated aircraft hangar is steel. Known for its durable properties, steel provides protection even from the strongest elements. Since this material is prefabricated, it usually undergoes stringent manufacturing and quality control, ensuring that every piece is strong enough to withstand harsh rain and strong winds.

A prefab airplane hangar also cuts down the building time. Constructing a hangar from scratch using traditional building methods usually requires a lot of time and money. But with the use of prefabricated materials, your aircraft hangar building can be put up in a shorter period of time and at a lesser cost.

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